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    need help to fix ppc6600

    hi to all and i m new for this forum, i got serious problem with my pocket pc 6600. when i power my ppc every thing is ok window screen appear after that sprint screen also appear but when its start it operating sysytem works for 5 to 8 seconde and than it hang on screen that sys" window mobile ...tap the screen to set up your pocket pc"
    all the key and function are working but screen stil there.
    onlly one thing appear if i touch the screen " screen aling"
    can any boty help what the hell wrong with my pc is it virous or need new installation for window.
    i m also a new user for pcc and i dont how to install and format the ppc its serious some help me please
    wait for postive reply

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    where did you purchase it from? is it second hand/fleabay/craigslist?

    if so , what condition was it stated to be in?

    can you tap on the screen and will the taps be recognized on screen?

    if not, the digitizer may be damaged... the unit itself could be water damaged, could have been dropped way to many times.. etc etc...

    did you do a hard reset??

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