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    How are your buttons mapped?

    I apologize if this has been discussed before - but I'm just curious how everyone has their buttons mapped on their 6601's? Also, can you map a button for switching from portrait to landscape and back? I was kind of thinking -

    Top side - Today screen
    Bottom side - switch orientation (if possible)
    Top front left - gsplayer
    Top front right - OK/Close
    Botton button 1 - iSilo (used for reading ebooks)
    Bottom button 2 - Pocket Bible
    Bottom button 3 - PIE
    Bottom button 4 - WebIS Mail

    As you can tell, I am really excited about getting my new 6601.

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    I mapped the Windows Start Menu to nothing.

    I have this uncomformatble feeling hitting the power button when I know it just turned off the screen.

    If I know I want to just wake it up I use this button. It's easy to hit too.

    I also mapped voice command to the Windows Media button on the side.

    I'd to find tool that can disable all the face buttons for while in the case. They can easily get bumbed and suck battery down. But I want the side button to stay enabled.

    I know, I'm wierd.

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