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    Thinking about getting rid of the 6601

    I've had this for a a week and a half and I am thinking it just doesn't cut it. I am opening this thread to see if anyone might lend some rationale to keep it.

    I like PPC, always have. The sole reason I have for a carrying a converged device is to surf/e-mail but not extensively (few times a day for a few minutes at a time) - I COULD live without it.

    (1) The battery life seems very short. I use PDA some, phone a lot (but I don't make my living that way). I haven't made it through a day yet.

    (2) The phone / surf activities seem to be handled oddly on the 6601. Incoming calls go directly to voice.

    (3) Volume seems erratic. Sometimes I have to move it away from my ear because it is so loud and other times I am straining (a little) to hear.

    Any thoughts?

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    1. Battery life on mine is phenomenal. I think the trick is to turn OFF your screen while you are talking, and I dont mean just to dim it like the screen settings do if you have it turn off after x seconds. I use screenlock, its a free program that competely turns off your screen and buttons, very nice for long conversations. I can talk quite a bit, and stream music for a couple of hours, as well as play around with the PDA portion on a full charge.

    2. This is how vision works, you cannot recieve calls while connected to data. CDMA limitation.

    3. Volume is definitely too loud at high settings, but once you find a good level it seems to be perfect. Speakerphone is a bit soft, but not too bad.

    I suppose everyone has their limits, but I am still quite in love with my 6601, finally something that does everything!
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    Sorry to hear that. I'm holding out for the Verizon version myself but I've had an i700 for over a year so maybe I can offer a few pointers.

    1. To save on battery life, adjust brightness to medium bright (or even better low bright). Low bright may seem quite a step back but you get used to it after a while. Also, if you have a constant data connection it will run your battery ragged in only a few short hours. Constant data connections are only for those with an extended battery and also a spare battery (to swap out). This is the same on all PDAs. Remember that the battery is not only powering the pda, but a phone as well all day long.

    2. I guess that can be a bit quirky at times. Sometimes call go to voicemail but other times the data connection will be halted when a call is coming in, then I can choose to take it or not.

    3. Can't speak on this until I get mine. At least the speaker is in the front of the pda. Many others have it behing which I think is a bad design. Also, I've had issues with my i700 volume at times. When I'm in a quiet room it's quite loud but in less than ideal circumstances (ie. noisy) it can become quite difficult to make out anything.

    From what I've read about it so far though, I think you have the best PDA on the market.

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    How is the keyboard? Of course compared to blackberry and treo...

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    2. CDMA or GSM both do the same thing. If data is active, the call goes directly to voicemail. If you want a pdaPhone "today", then they all work that way.
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    I'm becoming ok with battery. Network connection does not eat battery. Transimitting data does. Screen and Phone does. Or it may be that the screen was indeed on during the phone calls. I'll have to look into the suggestion on that.

    I've had AIM up all day maid a few short calls and still had 1/3 battery left after a 14hr day.

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