I've had my PPC 6601 for three days and have experience some problems. While on the phone for several minutes the phone cut my conversation with a load tone which would not go away. I had to pull battery to stop.

Then today, the phone crashed. For some reason it would not turn on. I also had to remove the battery which caused the phone to reset it self. I resync the phone and used the xBackUp software that comes with the unit. I thought I would never have to use it, I thought wrong.

One last thing, I also own the Sony Clie NX60. The screen on the Sony is so much better than the PPC6601. I've downloaded some themes from PocketPCThemes.com which look blury. The screen is not as sharp as the Sony.

Over all, I do like the phone, just wish the email function would pull message the way Blackberry does. Maybe I'll return it for the Blackberry...