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    Two Quirky Things

    A couple of things I've noticed and wanted to see if anyone has any work arounds -

    1) If I start up a program that accesses the Internet such as WebIS email or play a Live365 stream in Pocket Music, it doesn't make a connection unless I first go in and start IE. Kind of a pain if I want to check email only. Makes it a 2 step process.

    2) If I have a voice mail message, I get an initial notification displayed but if I don't listen to voice mail then it doesn't seem to keep any type of on-going notification (like the Treo kept a little envelope displayed).

    Any ideas on either of these quirks?

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    check yo settings for #2.. go into your notifications and see how long you have those indicators up. when i receive an email, sms, along with a VM, i will get a bubble icon (this is on the G , but should be the same thing on the 01). that icon will stay indefinitely until i click it. likewise if i only have a VM, the phone/envelope icon will be there until i answer it.

    as for #1 , some programs (like AIM for instance) must have a live connection up and running b4 they can work. this sounds like just such a case.

    if you try, say, msn messenger, it should automatically open the connection...

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    AIM will start a connection for me.

    It does not handle voice interruption very well and will not reconnect on it's own though.

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