I've had a strange email issue going on with the 6601. It is not specific to the 6601 but with PPC in general because it also happens on my Dell Axim via WiFi. I have two different IMAP accounts - one for personal use with justemail.net and one with my work IMAP service. Using the PPC Inbox program, I have absolutely no problems at all accessing my personal account, but for the life of me I can't connect to my work service. What happens is it says connecting and then says retrieving folders and it takes a long time and then disconnects without retrieving anything. Now I tried using WebIS Mail and it works fine. And I guess that's my solution, but I sure wish I could get the included Inbox program to work as I like it's interface better. Why would WebIS work fine but Inbox doesn't? And like I said this isn't unique to the 6601, it's PPC related.