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    Advice Requested

    Allow me to start off apologizing to those of you who hate this sort of thing.

    I want to know what usage advice anyone has. Not what to use the device for, but tips on usage. I read some stuff here about screen lock and battery savings but no instructions. I read how to turn the speaker phone on (it was in the manual as well) but nothing about how to make it stay on (might not be possible).

    Any suggestions (hopefully beyond - "read the threads" and RTFM)?

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    The speakerphone won't stay on after a call. That's just the way the Windows Mobile Phone Edition is. It resets to whatever the setting is prior to a call (and speakerphone is NOT an option.)

    I wish I could help you with Screen Lock... but I don't really use any because I haven't needed it. That may change, but I guess it depends on whether you keep it in a case or your pocket or whatever.

    As far as battery, you can adjust screen brightness to save on battery life and I would buy a car charger and maybe a second charger for either at home or at work (wherever your cradle isn't.) There are also some nice battery status apps you can get that will very prominently display your battery status in the Today screen (like Power Meter.)

    As always, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary.)

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