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    Anyone get bluetooth activesync working?

    I have tried for 3 days now to get bt activesync working. It says connected, but after selecting "bluetoothactivesync" in the Enable PC sync using this connection in the Activesync options page I cannot get connected when I press sync.

    Any ideas??

    It works as a modem, but when I try to network via bt I get a status: Connecting to host, and my PC acknowledges the connection, but the PPC keeps saying connecting???

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    I just factory reset my device and went through hell getting blue tooth working again.

    One trick is Active Sync cannot use COM ports greater than COM9.

    To remove them.

    Delete the PPC device from blue tooth on PC.

    Launch a command prompt on PC and enter

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

    From the view pulldown enable "show hidden devices". Delete all devices that refer to com ports that are not real (usually anything higher than COM4). Reboot the machine to do a clean device redetection.

    Now add the PPC device back to blue tooth on the PC.

    Now add ports on the PC for the PPC Bluetooth device (this is where you do the passkey stuff). Automatically Generate seems to work best for me.

    Now goto ActiveSync Port settings on the PC and hopefully a COM port associated with bluetooth is now visible. Now ActiveSync is listening for a Bluetooth connection.

    On the PPC go into Bluetooth Manager. Choose new and pick activesync profile.

    It should connect. And you can save a shortcut for later.

    This all assumes XP SP2.

    Sorry this is a bit terse.

    Simple eh? Ugh.
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    MSWlogo... you don't have to do that.

    1.) Open up My Bluetooth places.
    2.) Click "View My Bluetooth Services"
    3.) Click "View or modify configuration"
    4.) Click "Client Application" Tab
    5.) Delete all Bluetooth Serial port
    6.) Click "Local Services" Tab
    7.) Delete all Bluetooth Serial port there
    8.) Click "Add Bluetooth Serial Service" it will add at port 9.
    9.) Apply and Close
    10.) Right click Activesynch in system tray and click "Connection Settings..."
    11.) Set Com port to 9 and make sure it is checked.
    12.) From PDA go through Bluetooth Activesync setup.
    13.) You will here the Activesync chime and the try icon will turn green. You are all set!

    Still a lot of steps but it isn't to hard to do and no fancy dos commands that scare people.

    I thought this bluetooth stuff was supposed to be user friendly????
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    It depends on history of your devices and what other devices you have. That was the only way to get rid of all unused virtual COM ports I could find.

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    Originally posted by noodleNT
    I thought this bluetooth stuff was supposed to be user friendly????

    It seems nothing about Bluetooth is user friendly...

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