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    Cing VZ SPC where/what is the best deal???

    O.K. don’t flame me with “Do a search…” because facts and opinions change over time.
    That being said what is the latest views on which carrier to go with for the best PPC660 service.
    CDMA or GSM,
    VZ or SPCS, Tmob or Cing I know coverage varies but which is the best deal for data surcharge.
    What are you paying for phone plus data service?
    Is it true that the GSMs have better battery life.?

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    I'm personally a SPCS customer for the simple reason of economics and coverage. W/ SPCS I get:

    3500 minutes
    Free 7pm Nights/Weekends
    Unlimited data
    2 Lines of service that share minutes

    All for $130/mo.

    I also just switched off of T-Mobile because in NJ their covarage is horrible.

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    If you can slip under the radar Sprint has cheapest Data plan.
    In NH and MA, GSM sucks compared to CDMA.
    CDMA uses a completely different way and much better way to communicate. I can drive for hours and not lose a data connection. GSM I was lucky if it stayed up 5 minutes while driving.
    Verizon supposedly has better coverage.
    Verizon data plans today are much more expensive.
    Sprint is catering the "Picture Phone", WAP users with there Vision plan. Which is not a true "data" plan. And why it's cheap. But it can be used as a pure Data plan. But they don't expect you to transfer giga bytes of data every month.

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