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    Sprint Customer service really botched this one

    Well, on my last round of tech support to get phone back on vision, the tech guy mumbled something about that should not happen that it does not get automatically provisioned and said we might have to replace the phone.

    So I said sure, there were a couple very minor nits on the phone I had and I figured what the heck. One nit was the reset switch was poorly position behind the hole. And the verry upper corner a bit numb (less responsive) than the rest of the screen.

    Next morning make a call, you have been disconnected until you pay your bill. I had my cerdit card on account. What the hell. Call them up and they would barely talk to me (I was a teenage deadbeat that ran up a $700 bill in first month and had not paid it). I told them I'd like to talk to a supervisor. Please give me a credit card number sir and we'll take care of this. Please give me your credit card number sir. I said you already have it. Oh you mean this one xxx1552. Yes. Please give the expiration date. I said no. I want to talk to a supervisor. She hung hung up.

    Called again on land line. Get disconnected waiting for supervisor.

    Called again on land line. Get disconnected again (or it was dead silence, no music for 20 minutes).

    Called again and said don't you dare put me on hold. Finally reach a reasonable person and explained how they screwed me. Tech never said he was going to put it on charge card. Nobody ever told me my charge limit ($600). And they could of used the charge card I set up for automatic billing. And you don't normally put a charge on bill immediate for a RMA (you reserve the right to if not returned). Well she fixed it. Man was I pissed.

    The new phone did fix the Vision Provisioning. First time I've seen it completely work with out helping it. It also has a much better reset switch.
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    Wow, that must have been very frustrating. I am glad everything has turned out OK.

    I used to have poor CS through Sprint too...until I went to They have a set of phone numbers on that site that are awesome. If any of you are thinking of joining SprintPCS, check this site first. The phone numbers link is truly awesome, and will alleviate a lot of headaches.
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    glad you got everything working in the end. we will close this thread since its nothing more than a rant...

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