Was trying to get my Powerbook to use my PPC-6601 for networking this morning. It honestly isn't something I expect to use much, since I use my primary PC (a Shuttle SB61G2) for most of my computer use... and I find the PPC-6601 well up to the task for most mobile web browsing, IM'ing, etc.

However as I was trying to get the connect made (with no success yet, since bluetooth just confuses me a lot of the time), I found something interesting. I paired my Powerbook and my 6601, and used OS X to "browse" the 6601. While looking under the "/Windows" directory on the phone, there were SEVERAL .wma files. Moving these to my Apple, I found they were in various formats (bitrates, etc.), but they were the default ringers on my phone.

The consistant factor between the files was they all had a " " (or space) before the file extension.
For example... "Ringer_.wma"

Needless to say, I decided to test this by changing the file name of one of MY .wma files to include a space before the file extension, then moved the file into the /Windows directory. Looking under the custom ring tones section of Settings on the phone, there was no sign of the file. But when I went into "settings" -> "phone" -> "Ring Tone", and looked at the drop down list, the file was there! And sure enough, it plays great on the phone!!!

Hope this can be of some help to others, and if anyone has a complete walkthrough on setting up a Mac OS X PC to use a PPC-6601 for internet access using Bluetooth, I'd sure love to see it!

Best wishes...