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    PPC-6601 Bluetooth network share and other buetooth goodness

    This is my first bluetooth phone and I am psyched!

    I am trying to figure out how to connect the device to my network so I could use it to controll my HTPC through girder or watch video through it. I have 2 logitech MX Duo keyboards and mice combos connected to 2 PCs on my network. I plan to use the BT APs that comes with them to link with my phone.

    When I try to use the internet option I get a prompt for a network logon yet I am not running a domian. I tried using the local account that has admin writes but it never connected. BTW... I already went through the pairing part of the process and enabled network sharing through buetooth on the PC.

    Is it also possible to turn my HTPC into a "speaker phone" for my pocket PC phone through bluetooth?

    So far the only thing I have been able to do is browse and transfer files to the device. Although I could not gain access to the memory card like I can when connected to activesync through the USB cable.

    I hope I didn't rattle on to much... just very excited what bluetooth can offer!

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    Don't mean to bust your bubble, but don't get too excited about bluetooth. It has numerous issues (not all the phone).

    HTPC == HomeTheater PC?

    I'm not exactly sure what you attempted or where the prompt is, but if something expects a domain and your not on a domain, try using the computer name as the domain. (e.g. myxpdesktop\administrator as username)

    When linked with activesync by USB or Bluetooth I see a "mobile device" in my file browser. And I can see everything including the SD card.

    When I have activesync up by USB or Bluetooth I can browse the internet from the PPC through the PC. But I can't get it to go the other way around (Phone will NOT share it's network connection).

    In theory yes HTPC could be a speaker phone. In practice you may be waiting a while.

    In my opinion bluetooth is a disaster. Each component vendor having to verify they work with every component host and visa versa does not scale. And if they don't verify it flip a coin as to if it will work or not. There is something fundamentally wrong with the design that is forcing this as the only way to be sure two components pair correctly.

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