I don't seem to see any comment from anyone on the ability to use the standard picture mail services from Verizon on the VX6600 or other "smart" phones. I have been thinking about getting the new camera-less version as for the most part I need the phone for work, but the girlfriend and I do like to send photos - especially when I travel.

I'm assuming I could probably receive pictures and view them alright. Is this true?

The big question: if I bought a good quality compact phone that uses SD cards, could I "picture mail" those photos to another regular picture-capable phone? Could I at least easily email them (that's probably easy with the software on the phone for email.)

Just curious. It's not like the camera on the phone is probably that great of quality anyway, so sharing from an SD card may work. I imagine software to scale the photo would need to be included, for instance.

Thoughts? Or, thoughts on the camera version or at least retail-available version of the phone are also appreciated. Thanks!