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    Battery voodoo seems to work for me

    Ok, I monitored my battery pretty close the past couple days and I think I'm getting more out of it than ever. I ran from 8AM, to 7PM with data up the whole time. Half dozen calls and had AIM up all day and used AIM quite a bit. At 7PM I still had 42% left.
    I've gone other days where I went 10Am to 4PM and started getting warnings and I had shutdown AIM and only dormant Daa was up. But not since I did the procedure below.

    This is what I did. I admit this may be complete voodoo and have absolutely zero effect. I'm curious if others want to try it.

    0) Reset device
    1) Charge your phone 8 hrs.
    2) Remove battery (wait a few seconds)
    3) Replace Battery
    4) Goto Step 1 (do this loop 3 times)

    You only have to do this procedure once in great great while (not everyday).

    Note that (especially the first time) it will charge a while even though it is supposed to be fully charged.

    One reason why I think some devices say, please charge battery fully before turning on device is that the first time you put the battery in it tries to calibrate it. But nobody is patient enough to wait until a fullcharge to play with their new toy.

    I absolutely have to do this procedure with a different device I have every 6 months or so.

    YMMV (Your Milliamphrs May Vary)
    This is mostly voodoo, but completely harmless to try.

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    lather, rinse, repeat eh?

    yeah thats all smoke and mirrors.. i don't see what any of that is doing to help the phone.

    first , a virgin Li-ION batt needs to be fully charged and USED VERY MUCH to break it in. you are "exercising" the cells to get them to hold their rated charge... the "stamina" of the battery is only revealed after using it as much as you can.

    other factors will play in battery life as we all know...

    distance from tower
    phone calls
    screen backlight
    data usage

    all of these things will play a factor in the battery life.

    some days when I'm working and my phone is in the bag it will last all day. when i get home i will have ~30% left.

    some days it will sit in the same spot OR a few feet form where it was the previous day and it will be dead by the time i get home...

    no scientific testing here but the point is different factors will determine your battery usage and taking it out and putting it back in and sprinkling pixie dust on it will not make any difference.

    IF those things DO make a difference, the phone should be replaced....

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