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    Sony Ericson HBH-300 Successes and Failures

    Well after hearing good things about the Sony Ericson HBH-660 and that it works with the PPC-6601 (even before Verizon patch) I did some research on it.

    This was a really good thread (and really funny) on the HBH-660 and the HBH-300.


    After reading that I researched the HBH-300. I was convinced a long boom is important for keeping background noise down. It's hard to noise cancel if the mic is too far from your mouth. Since I don't own a lexus, but I Jeep to boot. After all the headset is for the car for most people.

    I ordered it from this place. You can get it on ebay for $79.00 but I loath pay-pal.


    It seems nobody has tried this headset on the PPC-6601 and I will report on how well it works. Or if anybody else has it now please start typing.

    The Successes and Failures are coming. But I expect it will work as well as any have so far.
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    I have the 300, and it works fantastic.

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