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    END Key Functionality

    Forgive me if I am stating the obvious here, but a while back, xv6600 users wanted to be able to switch the phone on and off via the red "end" button. There was a registry hack here:

    Easy toggle for Phone Flight Mode (to turn phone on and off)

    Apparently, this works in reverse for the Sprint model. The registry key referenced in the above link is a general key for this model of phone that selects the function of holding the "end" button - either turn off the phone (default setting on Sprint) or disconnect the data session (the Verizon default).

    Reg Key: flightmodeswitchbypnhendkey

    0 = disconnect data session (Verizon default)
    1 = turn off phone (Sprint default)

    I mention this because a few people, including myself, wanted to know how to disconnect the data session on the Sprint PPC-6601 without turning off the phone or some other weird trick and the obviousness of reversing the xv6600 hack eluded me

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    That's good to know. Thanks for the thread link.

    I'm still an infant in the PPC OS world. So, I'll wait before I attempt any registry hacks, or any hacks for that matter. First I gotta learn how to pull my POP email in Pocket Oulook instead of having it pushed to me. LOL

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