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Thread: battery issue

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    battery issue

    My Siemens SX 66 doesn't maintain battery life very long. I believe it was left on backlight setting all night before being charged 8 hours when originally turned on. Could this have damaged battery? Thanks, in advance, for answering remedial question...

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    I doubt that backlight setting could actually damage your battery. It just drains it and all you need is to recharge.

    How much talk time, or total average time are you getting with your SX66 battery?

    I know that many Lion battery enthusiasts claim they have no memory effects and they actually like to be topped off frequently, but I believe that dropping the phone in the charger frequently will reduce the lifetime of the battery by reducing its maximum number of charge/discharge cycles. I had to change many PDA and Laptop batteries because I relied mainly on using the devices while plugged in most of the time.

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