I've bought the motorola HS 8250 and it would work ok, but sound very very low, could not hear anything what so ever, Turn it back, and bought Jabra Free Speak 250 and sound quality got better, but only when the phone is in front of you. As soon as you put it in you pocket you cannot hear anything and alot of static, sound like a windmill. This is rediculus. I am wondering which is the best headset would be for this phone. I've sent Jabra back as well. Besides headset, bluetooth is working fine no problems. I've tried updating to 3500 C patch and it would work for about a day and then it would crash the bluetooth right at unexpected moment when you need to make a call, which is sux. So I've put back the original by doing a hard reset and it works good exept the headset issue. I am hoping to find a good headset. I've seen the info about HBH/300 and HBH/600 and HBH/660. I am just wondering which one of those would be good for the stock Bluetooth stack.