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Thread: SDIO camera

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    SDIO camera

    I have the 6601 and was waiting for the camera version. After reading threads on restricting camera phones/PDA's I was wondering if an SDIO camera would be a better alternative. I used to vid conf with my family on my G with MS portrait. (although I was upside down 50% of the time. X G owners will know) With the camera on the back of the 6600, vid conf would be very awkward. The SDIO camera's I've seen swivel 180 degrees and some have flash. The major drawback I see is the lack of memory storage while the camera is in. Has anyone here tried one of these? If the 6600 only adds the camera I think I will stay with the 6601. As a side note: Portrait worked pretty good on the G when I had a good signal.

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    I received a Veo 130S yesterday, and snapped a few quick pix. Quality doesn't compare to my Minolta SRT-201 35mm, but as good as I would expect from a phone camera. Haven't tried using it for video.

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    Stay away from the HP SDIO cam. Works great with iPaqs. Pain in the arse to get it working with the 6600, although you can get it to work by inserting it and then doing a soft reset...such a hassle.

    Has anyone tried the FlyCam? Interested to see how that works.
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