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    CSV to PPC Address Book

    Can some PPC-savvy person here solve my problem?

    - I don't use Outlook on my laptop. The only "Outlook" I have is on this PPC. My company uses Lotus Notes.

    - I have a category in my address book with of a subset of my company contact information. About 300 entries of people who work in my company are in this category.

    - Every month I do this to refresh the information:

    1. Download the information in a CSV file.
    2. Open the Palm Desktop and delete all entries under the "Company" category.
    3. Import the entries from the CSV file.
    4. Hotsync.

    This has been working well for me for several years now.

    How do I do this if I don't have Outlook? I do have Outlook Express, of course since it comes free with Windoze. Is there a 3rd party package that takes CSV or Excel data and allows you to import the information from within the PPC?

    Please help me. This is the one thing that will cause me a lot of pain by switching to a PPC. I need to be able to call and text the folks in that category using my Smartphone.

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    I would recommend installing Outlook on your laptop. You will need to export the address book/contact list from Notes in a CSV format and then import them into Outlook. Then you can sync the PPC with Outlook to get the contact info.

    The other option would be to use Intellisync to do a direct sync (I have to do this as my company uses GroupWise.) I had to export the contacts and then import them into Outlook and then sync them (and then uncheck the Contact List box in ActiveSync so it didn't sync every time.)

    Make sense?

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