I would like to connect my XV6600 VZW to my AS/400 at the office. In order to accomplish this I believe there are two parts:

1. Finding an inexpensive yet practical 5250 Terminal Emulator
2. Figuring out a way to connect to the VPN

For the client, I downloaded a version by Mochasoft (actually a few of them). While I was able to install them onto the device I was unable to connect to my server at all. I do not think that they have a version that is compatible with XV6600 and the operating system it comes with. I then tried a client from naurtech. They seem to have a pretty functional client. While I was able to connect to the 400, I was eventually kicked out of the system. I believe that the reason was that I did not create a VPN. This then leads me to the necesity for creating a VPN.

There is a very secretive man at work who guards the 400 like a hawk and does not let anyone playing with it - partly because he is terrified that it will be compromised (I don't blame his need for security) and also he is unsure how the VPN actually works. The VPN was customized for us and created by IBM when we leased the system. I know that there is something that has to do with mmc. There is also something that has to do with IPsec. The other strange thing is that when broadband users come in from outside the office they must have a static IP that is allowed by the system. Additionally, someone who is using dialup needs to have the VPN assigned in MMC. However, someone that is inside the office and assigned their own static IP (everyone workstation at work has a dedicated IP) needs nothing to get in.

I do not know that much about this kind of security. I appreciate anyone's help in finding an inexpensive/free client and configuring the VPN that is built into the PDA - If I need a separate client for the type of security I mentioned above any leads on that will help.