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    Can I get email attachments on a verizon 6600?

    Does anyone know if I can receive file attachments in email sent directly to my 6600? When I try to send an email with an attachment to xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com, the attachment is dropped. I really don't want to use vsync, as I only want certain messages sent to the phone... Sorry if this is a stupid message, I jusy got the phone and it's my first pda phone.


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    You need to use pocket outlook email to receive attachments on the phone, not SMS text messages which are limited to 160 characters and no attachments.

    If you don't have POP compatable email, you could get a POP email account (actually comes with 5 email addresses) for $30/yr that also includes a domain name and domain registration, AND webhosting for that domain name should you want to make a website. Try www.arishost.com for that. Yahoo.com also offers pop email addresses for $19.95 a year, but the extra $10 for arishost gets you soooo much more.

    Then, after you get yourname@yourdomain.com as an email address, you can set it up in pocket outlook. You can use that email account exclusively for mail that you want to send to the phone, with or without attachments, or share it with your desktop computer.

    This is what I did with my domain and email.
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