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    Sync TO the laptop from PDA

    My PDA, an audiovox 6600, is partnered with a laptop and an exchange server. When out in the field, the PDA gets/puts emails to the server when activesync'd. However, even though I USB from the PDA to the laptop and Activesync from either the PDA side of the laptop side, the emails that the PDA has on it from the sync with the server do not get put on the laptop.

    The laptop doesn't get sync'd until I return and connect it to the internet (then it sync's via a VPN tunnel).

    I'd like to get the PDA emails onto the laptop when out in the field.

    Related issue, can I USB the PDA into the laptop and use it as a Modem? I could do that using a Samsun i600 but don't see how to do it with the 6600.


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    If I'm understanding you correctly, I don't think that will happen.

    When ActiveSync is configured to sync to a server, Calendar, Contacts, and eMail sync direct to the server, not to Outlook on the laptop. Only File and Tasks sync 'locally'. The laptop will only pick up email (& contacts and calendar) from the server, so in effect, it never really gets 'synced' to the PPC, just the Server. That's just the way it works, I guess...

    As for using the PPC as a modem, there are a couple of links near the top of the FAQ (at the top of this forum) to threads that explain how to do it for VZW/Sprint and USB or Bluetooth.
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