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    Cisco VIOP + VTGO Client Anyone have this working?

    Has anyone been able to get this to work with the 6600 using theh sandisk wifi (non memory) card?

    I am using the VTGO client - and am able to make a connection to our call manager but during the call my 6600 locks up... - voice quality also seems on the VERY poor side. Can connect and dial - but when call starts the 6600 gets very LAGGY - and hangs - soft reset is the only way out.

    We have a few calls into IPBLUE concerning this issue.

    Would like to hear if anyone else has this working - thinking it may be the client software - or the phone just does not have enough cycles to run this app - or?

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    Bump - I'm surprised that no one is has tried to use the 6600 as a VOIP phone - anyone?
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    I tried VOIP using wifi and EVDO.

    EVDO- program would not display correctly and therefore could not properly use the voip client
    wifi- program initially opened correctly once but then the display problem where all characters came out as squares came back and again, could not properly use the voip client

    Broad voice BYOD with xten xpro:
    EVDO- was able to succcessfully make a call out after provisioning the SIP. However, the person I called complained that the voice quality was extremely poor. Unusable.
    wifi- worked ok but sound quality was still a little lacking.

    In order to use the softphone, you have to first sign up for a land line adapter then you can sign up for a soft line. However, if you want, the xten xpro will work with vonage.

    Bottom line, for me, voip doesn't seem ready for use on EVDO.
    With wifi, it is possible but until the SDIO wifi card is smaller, I'll just wait.

    If you are set on using voip, take a look at Xten Xpro and then use it with your SIP.

    Hope this helps. Sorry for the long post.

    By the way, I use my phone in North Orange County, CA.

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    That was a long post?


    I just ordered Braodvoice and Xten's phone... neither seems to be working well enough to praise.

    I can hear the calls with BV on EvDo (don't have wifi) but can't get the other person to hear me at all. Skibum is working on this and things he may have it fixed in the next build of Xpro. We'll see. he said to hold out, and if it doesn't work, ask for a refund. I've got 28 days left on the broadvoice trial. I'll hold out for a bit.

    On the bright side... if something seems to be important... or... I'm getting a call but don't want to talk to the person till I find out what they want... I can dial into the voicemail (it's weird to be calling the phone you're trying to call and have it ring, then start vibrating and ringing and... well... anyways....) hit ignore, then # and listen to the voicemail just fine.

    Last night I was trying to make a NORMAL phone call in Irvine (North OC) and it was dropping as bad, if not worse than the VOIP was earlier in the day. I think my phone is messed up though... the signal bars are always at 0 and I keep getting EN or 1x icons, so it's connected.... it just doesn't seem to have any indication of how well. Thinking about going in and complaining, but I know it won't do any good, they'll just want me to do a hard reset and make me talk to data support and I'm not up for all that today.

    Maybe tomorrow.

    Anyone having any success with the evdo connection and a different codec? What about Speex? Anyone have a VOIP program that is SIP compatible and uses the speex codec? (the data rate for speex is about 1/8th .711)

    Just a thought....

    We'll get this working... just wait. Something soon would be good..... My bill last month was $300 Need to figure this out SOON!

    @#$@ upgrades... now I gotta write a new poem :rolleyes:
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    I've used xten with my vonage softphone account over 1X with good success. Outgoing audio was better than incoming which I found to be strange. Still it wasn't bad for 1X. The thing to remember about the current EvDO revision is the upstream is still 1X data, it's only the downstream that's EvDO until Rev A hits then it'll be EvDO in both directions with reduced latency. That's what I'm really waiting for but for now the setup i'm using is good. I have xten setup to use both my vonage softphone account and my fwd account.
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