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    Verizon & XV6600 - 1/2 way through 15 day trial and not sure...

    This forum is great - I've solved a lot of problems here and avoided a few others, but as of now I'm truly conflicted whether to keep this phone or go back to a V710.

    My concerns are :

    1. Yellow screen cast is driving me slightly crazy. I don't have this on my iPaq 2215. It depends on the angle you view from, but it's not something I'm happy about given the price of the PDAphone.

    2. Voice Command - hitting the earpiece and saying "phone home" on the V710 just simply works. On the XV6600 it's 50/50 if the pairing with the headset was lost, and I have to say the command into the PDAphone, not the headset.

    3. I've now soft reset the XV6600 over 35 times. It hangs while doing AvantGo syncs, while switching apps - pretty spurious.

    4. It appears that I have a number of software conflicts - SPB (PocketPlus), JournalBar, Destinator seem to not like something (not sure if it's the OS or ??)

    5. Battery life is horrible - I'm charging it constantly (have an external battery pack / charger pack that seems to be working well) but I'm getting increasingly nervous about the connector lasting long term with all of the plugging/unplugging.

    6. Modem - I still haven't tried this yet. I was able to use both my laptop and iPaq with a V710 as a Bluetooth modem flawlessly.

    7. Accessories - lack thereof. Problems reported with extended batteries.

    8. Some websites - ones I would like to use - don't work (Bank of America, United Airlines ua2go).

    9. Low ringer volume, low speaker volume (as reported).

    10. Crappy headphones - haven't yet found a way to use my noise-cancelling ones (I would use BY headset for calls).

    On the flip side, the positives are

    A. EVDO is pretty cool - and fast.

    B. The integrated keyboard is terrific.

    C. Having one unit without needing to fiddle around with Bluetooth modem or cables is nice.

    At this point, I'm inclined to wait for a VGA version that hopefully has more of these bugs worked out and doesn't feel like a $549 test unit (plus $49/month).

    I have to do some more research, but if I can achieve occasional PDA or laptop access using minutes or via Vcast, that would be a better deal for me vs. 49/month for unlimited data.

    I'm also debating going back to an old 270 until the 815 is out.

    Any thoughts, ideas, or advice?

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