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    Question Bluetooth Earpeice Function Question(s)???

    I never thought I would use an earpeice, as I don't mind holding the VX6600 up to my face to talk, but my wife thinks the technology is cool, so I apparently have a "green light" to buy a new "toy."

    Couple of questions for those more experienced (I tried search, couldn't find exact answers):

    1. What *exactly* is involved in me making a phone call, assuming the earpeice is in my ear and the phone is in my pocket (and I have Voice Command 1.5 installed). Do I have to hit the voice command button on the phone then the button on the BT earpeice, or can I just hit one button on the headset before issuing my "call lovely wife at home" command to VC?

    2. When my phone rings, will it ring in my BT earpeice and announce the caller as well? (I have that feature turned on in VC.)

    3. Can I issue other VC commands through the headset without putting my hands on the phone? It would be cool if I were walking around and decided I wanted to listen to some music to issue the command to play music on media player, skip song, etc., without touching the phone.

    Bottom line, is my BT earpeice going to make me "Star Trek" cool, to where I can just touch a button on earpeice to do all this neat stuff? Or am I only going to be "gadget geek" cool, as I still have to put my sweaty hands on the phone for the above-referenced functionality.

    Any help from those having acheived "Star Trek" level (or any level) of coolness and knowledge in this regard is helpful.


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    As has been covered to death, VC does not work through BT headsets.


    1. Make the call the same as you normally would. The BT headset has no function until the phone is ringing at the destination.
    2. VC will announce the caller on speaker only. Your BT headset will beep.
    3. No.


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