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    Voice Command 1.5 eats resources

    Marsware Weatherpanel
    SPB Pocket Plus
    Sprite PocketMon
    Yishin Powerpanel

    These are the Today Plugins I run, and up until today it took a long time for all of them to display. Sometimes one or the other would not display. Going to settings->today->items and changing anything would mean that PowerPanel and PocketMon wouldn't display until a soft reset.

    Then there's the problem of the missing systems control panels.

    So after reading about the DLL mapping issues, I suspected Voice Command, and removed it. Voila. Everything is nice and crisp and fast.

    So... the moral of the story is... if you are having issues with today plugins, missing system control panels, or anything else that appears to be resource-centric, the biggest hog is VC. You can delete lots of little things... or VC.

    Now if one of you CE coders can put together a utility which shows active mapped DLLs and sizes... that would be extremely useful.


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    That could explain the poor performance my PPC6601 was having while VC 1.5 was installed. I originally complained about VC1.5 screwing up volumes and Bluetooth performance as soon as I installed the trial version. When I removed it everything went back to normal.

    If there's anyway to fix it it would be great. I like Voice Command, but I can't have it take over my PPC.

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