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Thread: Webis problems

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    Webis problems

    Last week I noticed increasingly sluggish performance on my PPC-6601. After cleaning out the cookies and temporary internet explorer files, which usually is enough to speed things up, performance was still sluggish. Using Resco File Explorer I discovered that the Webis mail Data folder had grown to over 50 megs, which seemed odd since I always delete any emails I download to Webis.
    Webis customer support suggested I un-install and install their new beta. During the install, most of the data on my SD card was deleted--fortunately, all the deleted data was still available from my PC. A few days later, I discover that the webis/data folder is still growing at a rate of 3 or 4 megs a day, and that I am starting to notice performance issues again.
    Has anyone else noticed a similar data bloat with webis mail? If so, have you found a solution other than periodically doing a complete un-install and re-install?

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    I could be mistaken, but you are given an option to compress your data. If you tap and hold the folder in file explorer, you have that option...

    Could that be worth a try?

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