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    Active Sync / Wireless Sync and Data Connections

    Hello All,

    Ok here is how my phone is working using Wireless Sync thru Verizons Wireless Sync and Active Sync to my PC and want to know if anyone else’s phone behaves the same way.

    I attached 3 photos of what my signal strength icon looks like in various conditions.

    My phone is NOW always in Data mode (photo1). And will ring in as long as I don’t have the browser open and passing data. When the browser is open passing data it goes stright to voice mail.

    When I first got my phone the default setting for Wireless Sync-Push / ReadySync… on the Phone was set at 5:30am to 10:00pm everyday for Enable Push.

    I discovered that When I used my phone after 10:00pm that using the Web became very difficult. It seemed everytime that I clicked a new link that it had to Re-dial to reastablish the CDMA connection. Aslo I noticed that my signal icon would change to the phone mode (photo 2) when it lost its connection. Sometimes when it had to re-dial it would not even connect.

    So I changed the Sync-Push / ReadySync on the phone to: 12:00pm to 12:00pm everyday for Enable Push. Now my Icon stays in the Data mode (photo1). And this is fine, But is this the way its suppose to work? ????

    I aslo noticed when I connect my phone to Active Sync that the icon changes to Active Sync mode (photo3) and when I take the phone off my desk charger that it first goes into Phone mode (photo2) then after about 5 seconds it Dials CDMA and goes back into Data mode (photo1).

    If this is the way its suppose to work that’s fine…. But my thinking would be that it would always be in Phone mode, except when you opened your browser and then it would have to Dial ONCE and connect and be in Data mode until you closed your browser then go back to phone mode.

    Anyway, maybe this will help someone else if this is normal?? Because Verizon nor Audiovox was much help when I called and told them how my phone was acting before I made the Push/Sync setting changes.





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    Yes, your Wireless Sync is working correctly. It stays connected, but dormant listening for the network push message that triggers the sync. The reason it was truning off at 10pm is because you had it set to "listen" unitl 10 pm. At that point it could release the connection and you would have to reconnect to get on the internet.

    Don't worry man, its doing what its supposed to.

    I would however not reccommend MS Voice Command for use with it. There are some compatibility issues that may keep your device from working the way you'd like when both programs are installed.

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