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    Replacing Splash files in the extended rom.


    In the extended rom in the Customize.sa.cab file (which I opened with WinZip, so that may not be the best tool) are two files 0splash1.011 and 0splash2.010.

    I am guessing this is some form of the splash1.nb and splash2.nb that are used to create the two bootup screens.

    Does anyone know how to
    1. Take normal splash nb screens (which I have of my dog
    2. Convert them into this 0splash1.011/0splash2.010 format
    3. Replace the files in the CAB with these new files

    That way I'd have *my* own splash screens after a hard reset.

    Followup question:
    I know you can't put install cabs in extended rom that require user interaction because of tpdisable.
    HOWEVER, all the cabs I install give me an error that they were made for an earlier version of the OS and therefore require user interaction.

    Is there any solution to this such as
    1. enabling the touchpad
    2. changing the apparent system version
    3. some way of telling the installer to not ***** about system version?


    (I'm just thinking... it sure would be nice to have a hard reset come up with my favorite screens and apps

    p.s. http://www.myehud.com/xv6600/ExtendedROMUnlocker_EZ.zip
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    I'm a total loser and I've been banned!!!
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    59 views and no responses, so I went a'searchin'.

    The answer is WinCE Cab Manager by OCP software. The download runs 15 times without a license... and all I needed was once.

    splash1.nb and splash2.nb - replaced with my dog's pictures.

    carrierlogo.gif and Verizon_IE_logo.gif replaced with blank versions.

    _default.htm replaced with a version that has no microsoft or verizon logos and links.

    new dword put in platformxxx.reg to prevent the Microsoft Application Installer from deleting CAB files.

    saved as the new Customize.sa.CAB.
    Tested on the machine (by clicking on it from file explorer)

    Unfortunately I've discovered that while I can unhide the extended rom, the xda-developers rom unlocker does not unlock my extended rom. (So I can't yet replace the original Customize.sa.CAB.)

    one step away...


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