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    Have ?? about New phone SX66

    I am new to this site as well as having a new siemens SX66 w/Cingular. Several ??'s
    1) what do I need to do, so that I can print from my PDA?

    2) As for Bluetooth; I think I am running BT 1.0. On Bluetooth Manager it says, "BT-PPC/PE Version 1.0.0 Build 2400." will I have problems if I buy a USB Bluetooth 1.1 for my computer?

    3) How do I install and run programs from my SanDisk card.

    Sorry for so many questions. I greatly appreciate the help! thanks

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    First thing would be to move the post to the XDAIII/SX66 forum.

    Your bluetooth is 1.1, not 1.0. What you have shows the BT stack version, not the standard. There's a Siemens firware update that you can download and run. See the SX66 forum.

    Installing programs: You mean they are already on a SanDisk from a previous device? Normally you would install through the desktop, and it would automatically activesync the apps to your PPC.

    Printing: Either BT printing, or IR printing. I've seen both utilities.Here's a link that can lead you to the info:


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