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    XV6600 case Exchange

    I have tried several cases for the XV6600, the EB is nice, but can't use keyboard unless taken out of the case.

    The Verizon case now listed on their accessory page is a good choice, the unit slips into a spring loaded pocket and has a velcro cover, and only $20. The belt snap isn't quite as good as the EB however.

    For briefcase use the original envelope case is fine. As a matter of fact I lost mine and need another. Anyone want to sell the original case contact me at:


    Post other case info on this thread.

    As far as BT.... 3500 C + Sony HCH 300 , all works fine

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    you should do the official ROM upgrade so you have updates + bluetooth patch

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    I still haven't found one to my liking. Maybe I'm just stuck up and don't know it but I'd really really really like it if Mont Black or Zero Halliburton made some sort of durable/fancy case that fit my XV6600. The sole Zero Halliburton PDA case is for a Palm III.

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    I tried the VZ case and it would not fit properly. The helpful sales rep said that it was a "Generic PDA" case that was labeled for the 6600.

    I am a fan of Sena Cases (www.senacases.com) and they have an Excellent Ipod case - they said their 6600 case would be out later this week.
    Used to be a Kyo fan, anyway. A "Smartphone" user since adding a modem card to my HP95 Pocket Computer (1992).

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