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    Image PPC 6600? Is Sprite CLONE IT?

    Is there a way to make an image of the 6600 - like GHOST or Altiris? I'm looking for a way to make re-loading this device "EASY". Even with sprite I find that I still have to re-load all of the apps on storage card. Is there a program that after hard-reset will re-load EVERYTHING back onto the 6600 - preferences - app's etc. Seems quite simple- a program copying the registry and then restoring it - problem now is that the pointers to the apps on the storage card don't appear to be backed up.

    Edit- Ok - after posting this I found Sprite CLONE - has anyone tried this? For $100 would be nice to hear some testamonials.


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    Hmmm - xBackup seems to give me an identical image restored, but if I had a hard reset I have to be careful to change the date and time before I restore or it messes up active sync.
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