Ok, I have one that is stumping me.

Twice in the last 2 days, I have gone to pick up the phone with my BT headset...and as standard with the PPC-6601 phone's BT...the headset failed to operate. So I pick up the phone and took the call normally.

Problem is...that out of these 2 times, the PPC-6601 locked up in mid-conversation and would not power on. Both times it required a soft-reset.

This is definitely a problem, as it also dropped the important calls mid-stream.

1. No programs were running at the time of lock-up either time.
2. The 3G sprint connection was not connected at the time of either call
3. The BT headset rang for both of the calls...but then failed to pick up the call (HS820 Motorolla)
4. One call locked up after 30 minutes
5. One call locked up afer about 5 minutes
6. No Beep of Death at the time of lockup (probably due to the connection being disabled)
7. Both Times the Phone just went dead, like it had been powered off.
8. Battery seemed to be on securely and the clip was locked in place.

Has anyone else experienced/fixed this problem?