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    my rambo install restore guide

    with all the patches and upgrades i've leared a few tricks that seem to quicken up my restores.

    1. install most of it to storage. i've found that i can just copy the exe icons as shortcuts back into the windows\start menu\programs \ folder.
    this seems to work with most programs.

    2. copy all install cabs onto the sd card as read only. this way you have them in case you need them and they don't disappear if you click to install. this is good for programs that install in root or windows directory. (phm registry editor, evb runtime). also for programs where #1 didn't quite work, you can install over the old location and pick up saved settings. (like d9).

    the only part i haven't figured out yet is after using #1 to restore tomtom navigator. tomtom insists i reinstall the voice folder even though i have them in storage and on the sd card. once i figure out how to point tomtom to the voice folder i will be a master at restores.

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    This means when you run the installer on the Windows PC, you don't let it install the apps, but you go into the activesync folder and look for the cab files and snag them? Is this in the program folder, or winnt, or documents and setting or elsewhere?
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    How do you back up only data for a restore? I tried it before my last hard reset (sprite,) restored my data settings using sprite, and they didn't attach to the programs... just sort of sat in a file called data as unattached files...

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    you can use cabinstl to instal .cab files where YOU want them to go...

    dont use coke.. err. sprite.. only AS.. which has worked for me for backing up....

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