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    Help!! I am using USB as modem but.....

    Thanks everyone for your help in getting my XV6600 to act as a USB modem--just works great and is saving me lots of $$ in hotels. But, I want to sync my info back into my laptop and can't now. I go back and re-check the USB connection in active sync and reboot the XV6600, and the laptop, but the activesync will not recognize the xv6600 now. What do I do to sync and still be able to use the XV6600 as the modem when I want to--Thanks!

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    Right click on the Activesync icon in the system tray. Click on Connection Settings. Click the check box for "Allow USB Connection . . ."

    You'll have to reverse this process to get your modem back.

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    or sync via bluetooth (if your laptop has it available).

    I sync entirely with BT now and only use USB for power and modem.
    Dan Kunz - XV6600

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