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    Question Dialing lag after connected to EVDO?

    I picked up my XV6600 on Wed, and I upgraded it with the latest update from Audiovox that came out this week, and I have been having lag dialing numbers. I find if I am connected to EVDO, and I try to dial a number, sometimes I'll have to wait up to 30s before I hear it ringing, though it says it's dialing. I do notice that it will kick over from EVDO to 1x when I do this as well. I also had it lock up the dialer if I try to end a call during this time I'm waiting for it to start ringing. It doesn't do it very often, but the most times when I trial to dial voice mail. I just got the phone this week, so not sure if this is normal.



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    Yeah ive had this happen to me too, typically when i try to make a call while connected to a data session. Usually if i end the data session the call goes through immediately.

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