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    BT3900 over ROM 3500

    Installed ROM 3500 upgrade with following problem:

    Had been runnning BT3500 C patch + Audio profile

    Started with a Hard reset to BT2400 (original ROM)

    Install hung up after upgrade program asked for verification to proceed. Left with dead phone and no program. Only thing on screen is it would display USB 1.02.

    Phone still dead after another hard reset: ran program again and it picked up the Sync and completed the upgrade.

    ROM same as BT3500 C, except no memory error. Also no high quality audio profile, had to reinstall the "patch" (The i-PHONO BT420 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Sports Headphoneheadset works fine with this, however, it has low volume and won't switch back to answering phone when a call comes in while using the profile)

    High Quality Audio profile can be downloaded here:


    Just installed BT 3900 over the new ROM version, Available here;


    Everything works as before except the memory error has returned.

    Will try new stack with box full of BT devices that were unusable with BT2400/BT3100/BT3500.

    So far VC 1.5 and HBH-300 work the same. DUNS works well. perhaps even pairing faster.

    Am concerned about low signal strenght on phone, per other posts, however it seems the same w/ or w/o BT running, so perhaps not a problem.

    More as we learn.
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