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    Question Roaming in Mexico?

    Anyone tried this? VZW said it "might" work if a digital signal is available. They made the proper plan changes but I can only receive calls, not originate them.

    The directions were to *22899 in US. Did that.
    Switch to mode A. Did that.

    Arrive in Mexico, no phone. 611 (and a lot of negotiations to get to VZW) said they only enabled hlaf of what I needed. They then enabled the other half. Right now *22899 does not work so I cannot grab the latest account updates.... leaving me mostly out of communication.

    Can anyone shed some light on how this works?
    Should it work?
    How I can have better success on my next trip?

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    I live in Tucson, and travel infrequently to Mexico.

    For political reasons, all the US carriers that had cells with MX access (VZW, Alltel) were told to turn those cells so they only work north of the border.

    When you are in MX, you're not just Roaming ("running off your home network") you're also running off a provider using different freqs and in this case non-digital coverage.

    It's unfortunate, sad, deplorable, and I wish it weren't so... but you should consider MX to be a "no coverage" zone for the digital-only CDMA phone in your XV6600/PC-6601.

    p.s. Works fine in Canada, where Telus provides coverage. EN is different - you need a telus usrname@pwd to get EN go to work.

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