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    HBH-660 doesn't fit my ears

    I know this isn't exactly where this goes, but since people are ordering it:

    That's right, it doesn't fit. The center earpiece will not fit in my ear canal. In fact, they don't even line up?!?! The speaker is out and back a little, and I can hear it, but this does not seem ergonomically correct. I have to raise the volume on the unit to ear enough volume, which may only add distortion and reduce battery life.

    Now, granted, I have satellite dishes for ears, but it seems that the spacing between the earpiece center and the outer clamp ring is awfully close. I would imagine it would only fit those with petite, paper thin ears.

    Anyone have this issue and/or a solution?? The clamp ring needs to be longer, but since it is hard molded plastic, I dont think this is an easy fix.



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    I thought they weren't meant to fit directly into ear canal. Mine don't, they fit as you describe. No problem for me. Sure, there's low volume, but that's inherent in the phone itself... unfortunately... all my earpieces are very low. The phone itself is low.

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