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    Inbox Syncing with Activesync

    I just got the XV6600 and it is excellent, I am signed with Verizon where the phone goes onto the POP servers and pushes the mail to the phone, when I pick up the e-mail on Outlook and sync it, Activesync doesn't delete the e-mail on my computer that I have deleted on my pdaphone, and it creates duplicates on my pdaphone. Anyone have similar issues?? Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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    The option I use is to go into "options" on Active Sync and uncheck the "inbox" tick box.

    Not a great option and there may be others out there.

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    Actually, the phone "pulls" email from the POP servers. That's kind of the way that POP works - it's kind of one-way, and once an email is in your client app, you can delete it from the client app and/or the server (sometimes - depends on the client, usually), but no other client that has already downloaded it will be affected. There's no function (as far as I know) in POP to say to the client "This email was deleted on the server, delete the local copy". This is one of the advantages of using IMAP.

    What I did was use Outlook on the desktop to pull all my POP accounts, then just Sync my Inbox. I don't know if that will work in your situation.
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