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    LOW TECH Miracles

    Hey All ,
    I just got a bunch of new toyz for my 6601 and seeing how helpful all of you have been for me I figure I owe you all this tiny review . These are things I've found for a cheap solution for an already expensive toy !

    Car Kit - http://www.pocketpctechs.com/detail...._ID=PPCPADPT15
    ... that is a link for PPC Tech's audio adaptor leaves internal mic on lets me add a line out cable and plug it into my linein of the car stereo and bingo sound thru the stereo ( no link but dollar store vent mount for the pda and yes literally a Dollar) and talk thru the fone.

    Headset - Ok went cheap but werks 'out of the box' already coverd many times im useing the Logitech Freedom Bluetooth headset

    VERY CHEAP BLUETOOTH DONGLE fleabay 17$ shipping included wincomm software though shop smart fleabay is the bomb

    POWER- Two fold here BoxWaves mini sync (well coverd werks great but as noted in other threads no notch ur choice what to use cheap at 14 $) and then BAttery adaptor for the mini sync !!!!
    A+ product http://www.boxwave.com/products/batt...pter/index.htm

    SD CARDS if ya shop around and yes sometimes fleabay again 70 bucs for a 1 gig card ( i have 3, 1 gig cards and a number of smaller ones whenever i catch a good 20$ sale(tigerdirect.com) on 256 or better (movies baby movies ) )

    Well guys this is way longer then I intended but I tried to be short but informative any questions fire away but this seems to cover all my "HARDWARE NEEDS"

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    I'm not getting any new toys, cheap or expensive, till I settle on what PPC phone device I wanna keep.

    Has anyone tried the Sandisk ExtremeIII, or UltraII SD cards?

    I know for MP3 file music listening it doesn't matter, but for picture viewing and backup/restore it could and should. I have not tried either card. Did anyone use them and noticed the diffrence in read/write speeds?

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    I just got that adapter from PPCtechs and have to try it now.

    I also got a retractable sync charge cable from www.javoedge.com and love it. I heard the boxwave doesn't charge too well, but this one does.
    Larry Ganz
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    I have the Lil' Sync Pro and love it. Sure it could use some more notches... but it works


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