OK, my week so far..
Monday - I convince Sprint to exchange my 6601 for a 6600 bc of the BoD.
Tuesday - Firmware update released ( I think i t was Tuesday) to fix BoD issues (whew!)
Wednesday - UPS driver pulls up...DOH! It's a delivery for my wife.
Thursday - I am thinking that they cancelled my order and are just waiting for me to call an check on the status before telling me that they are going to make me try the firmware upgrade before replacing the phone (Sounds like something Sprint would do, right!)
Friday - I sit down and prepare to call Sprint, fearing the worse...and the UPS driver pulls up. DOH! It's the return materials for my 6601. Darn it! They are just toying with me, I know it! At least the RMA stuff means they (should have) sent the new phone as well...

Needless to say, the RMA materials will go unused until I have the 6600 in my hands and operational!!

Carry on.....