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    can i sync my treo 650 and 6600 on same laptop?

    i was wondering, i have 650 now and am getting 6600 to try out. i will be putting down my 650 while i use the 6600. so can i sync and use the 6600 while all the 650 software is on the computer. and i was thinking of sync the 650 everyday just incase to keep it up to date. so will they conflict? i figured they wont b/c they are seperate os systems. i guess they will share the info from outlook.
    any sggestions for this matter.
    or do i need to remove the treo palm software completely to use the activesync software and the 6600

    i am worried b/c i had big issues when i went from 600 to 650. i know they are same os software, so i am sure that is the reason they conflicted
    god bless

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    Yes, it'll work fine.

    The 650 uses Hot Syn Manager and the 6660 uses Active Sync. Totally different software.

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