About a year ago I made the decision to stop storing all my notes, bookmarks, etc in proprietary vendor's applications, ie no Palm based notes, no rich text.

My rationale was that OS level searching was finally beginning to come of age.

Why not treat the OS as the application, and create text based notes in whatever application I wanted to, and trust that sooner or later the OS would get better at searching for this data. Eventually I could stop worrying about categorizing my notes into folders, and just let Search take care of it.

Mac OS 10.3 had a pretty good search, and it was supposed to get better in Panther. Longhorn was supposed to have a meta data based file system. All sounded good.

So I started writing new notes as one note per topic, using the Mac's TextEdit, and storing them in a somewhat too complicated heirrchy of folders in my home folder. Textedit saved its notes in native Unix line endings, which was fine by me and perfectly readable in XP using Textpad as well.

I was no longer bound to the Note function in my Palm based PDA. This had the advantage of bypassing the extremely limited 4K note limitation on Palm OS that I think still exists today.

This worked great on my Powerbook as far as encryption too, since the mac has a built in option of encrypting transparently the entire home directory using 128bit AES.

I knew one day, I would want to synchronize this directory to a PC and to a PPC. I figured this would be rather trivial, since all I was talking about here was flat files synch.

I am totally new to PPC. There are a few options and problems I have noticed right off the bat:

1) Encryption

PGPDisk (Mac/PC) -
PROS: - has the added advantage of being able to keep a PGPDisk on USB keychain.
- cross platform

CONS: - loses date/timestamps, as described below. I don't think I can ever get around this
- no PPC version

NTFS Encrypted Filessystem
CONS - inherently insecure without extra measures. NO PPC encryption.

PGPMobile (PPC) - don't know what exactly it encrypts. I think it might only be for mail?

- What application on the PPC provides a stable trusted OS level on the fly encryption/decryption or does the OS already provide this?
- Can I sync files on a PC encrypted PGPDisk to the PPC or do the files need to be in a special sync folder area on the PC?
- I would want to backup to an SD card, and would want the encryption to apply to this SD card as well.
- Of course, the encryption would need to play nice with a host of other apps, like GPS apps, etc

2) What PPC app can read/write seamlessly unix based text files?

3) Date/Timestamp Problem Mac<--->PC
I foresee big problems with this one now.
It seems that Windows XP under NTFS automatically kills the Created date/timestamp on all my Mac tranferred files, replacing Created Date with todays date. This seems to happen whether I copy the Mac files to PC via CD or network. No idea how this one can be solved. It is quite strange. I can only imagine addding a PPC to the mix is really going to be hard now... I can't afford to lose my created/modified dates.

4) General Mac<--->PC Synch tool
Anyone have any trusted recommendations for the Mac/PC synchronization tool? Not sure how to get around the date/timestamp problem above, but I will still need to a good synching application

OK, well I just ordered my VX6600. I'll have the next few days to come up with a good strategy...