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    Flakey keyboard on 6600?

    Has anybody noticed any peculiarities while typing with the slider keyboard?

    I have noticed that when typing I will occasionally have a jumble of characters appear when pushing a single button.

    These three buttons seem to exhibit the problem more than the others:

    R = qwerghjk
    F = asdfvbnm
    BACKSPACE = tyui

    It doesn't matter which "mode" the keyboard is in, but the mode will change the first character to reflect that key's alternate character. (i.e., when pushing R in shift mode, the blast will show Qwerghjk)

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    Looks like a hardware problem and you might want to have it replaced. Are you within the 15 days of purchase?
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    Long shot

    Just recieved a replacement 8525 from AT&T after the touch screen failed within a month. I turned it on once and then replaced WM5 with WM6. When typing I noticed my R, F, TAB, Blue Dot and backspace keys all spurt random characters. I know this thread is almost three years old but what was the outcome? I don't wanna have to send this phone back too.

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