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    Sega/SNES Emulation

    Okay, a happy new owner of XV6600 has some questions.

    1) What is a good Sega Genesis (i.e. .smd files) emulators that supports sound well? A game isn't fun without sound, IMO.

    2) What is a good SNES emulator that supports sound well? I found PocketSNES but it seems to run music very slowly on FF3 and other games. Sound is all important!

    3) What processor does this beast have? ARM, SH3, MIPS? Something else entirely?

    Thank you very much for any and all help.

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    I tried pocket genesis. Didn't work with anything. Tried morphgear. Worked with only a few games without bugs, and not nearly fast enough if you're doing sound. Have not tried pico drive, but from what I understand there is no sound.

    I have not tried any of this on my newly upgraded ROM.

    Has anybody got either pocketgenesis, morphdrive, or pico drive (with sound) to work?

    One thing that does work, and works beautufully (0-1 frame skip!!) is CE/GG. Too bad it's only for the master system and game gear. However, phantasy star (ahh, nostalgia) is a true portable pleasure if you were into RPGs as a kid
    XV6600 ROM 2.07.00WWE Radio HA01_151 ExtROM 2.07.111WWE hardware version 0041

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