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    What is the best way to tie the phone into the car stereo?

    I read somewhere on here someone typing in their vx6600 to their car, but I think it was a proprietary Lexus solution.

    Is there some kind of Bluetooth adapter/add-on that will enable you to just get in the car, have the phone automatically pair, and when a call comes in it will just mute the volume and play the call through the car's speakers, while at the same time let you talk into the air to the caller, perhaps with voice commands?

    I am imagining that the device has a mic input jack so that you could wire a hidden mic to your car's headliner.

    Alternatively, is there a whole new car head unit altogether that has these functions?

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    The easiest way is to use a cassette adapter (used for portable CD players). Of course you need the Stereo adapter plug for the phone, first.

    Another way is to use an FM modulator.

    Another way, which is not as easy, is to use the Auxiliary input in the back of your car stereo.

    Regarding your other request, there are bluetooth car kits, and decent car mounts.
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