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Thread: xv6600 case

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    xv6600 case

    Does anyone suggest a specific case for the XV6600? I was looking at this aluminum case on Amazon and wondered if anyone had experience with it.


    Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.

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    It's a pretty good case. I got 2 (1 extra for when the first one gets mussed up)

    So, anyhoo...the only thing is that the belt clip is kinda weak. Oh yeah and it's a tad bulky. And you have to remove the phone from the case in order to charge/sync (unless you use the charger and BT/IR or some other type of wireless sync).

    HOWEVER--about the bulkiness--it feels kinda..."mighty". You feel like you can chuck ur phone down a hill and it would be safe (minus the dust that gets inside the holes ). It feels like you're carrying around your phone, mp3/video player, PDA, and computer with you. Ya gotta figure--the phone is already big...if you have a pocket or place to put it, then that same place probably fits the the phone with the case, too.

    It's also $10 cheaper than some other cases that don't give the same protection.
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    has anyone got their hands on the magnesium case that's out. From what i gather the innovative case will not be out until next month.
    other than the lighter case, does anyone have any ideas as to the bebefits of magnesium as compared to aluminum?

    i dont know if i should wait & spend $50 or go with aluminum at $30.


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    Well, I thought I liked this case until I saw Ehud's post

    I can't say that I've seen much of a signal loss - but I haven't looked for one either.

    From a protection perspective, I'd have to agree with mrdobrow21. The belt clip is weak, and yes, I almost dropped the case/phone once as a result, but it does protect the phone well (note that the stud/clip connection is sound, it's the clip/belt connection that's weak). I really like the fact that I can close the front of the case and hold the phone up to my ear without smearing the front of the phone. The plastic on the case seems to show the face-print less than the touchscreen does. The rigid case also does a good job of protecting against inadvertent button hits. You have good access to the record, volume, media, answer, and end buttons, but even these are protected by being recessed into the side of the case.

    I was also surprised by how well the standard headphones fit into the case when it's closed. You have to fiddle with the rubber flap that covers the headphone jack, but it's not too tricky. The cover also protects the SD slot. I can imagine that this would be a problem if you regularly used anything that protruded from the SD slot, but I don't so it's never bothered me.

    One cautionary note: the first couple of days I had this case, my phone kept dropping out. It turns out that I was not inserting the phone correctly. When you place the phone in the case, you need to be very particular and press on the base of the phone (on either side of the answer/end call buttons) until you hear one or two distinct "click" noises. There are two tabs that fit into the two dimples on the side of your phone. If these are not engaged, your phone may fall out of the case. Once you get the hang of it, it's not a problem, but be careful the first few times.

    In summary - a very good, very sturdy case with a weak belt clip. It may reduce signal strength, but you can still make/receive calls. I don't use it much around the office or home, but frequently use it when traveling or running errands.

    Still, I'd drop it in a heartbeat if I could find a durable leather case with space for a credit card or two...

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