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    SD card hard reset question

    Getting ready for a Hard Rest. Dreading it but want to upgrade ROM.

    Most of my apps are on my SD card. I know that I must do a clean re-install (post Hard Reset) of these apps, as many have registry values and other things that would have been lost in the HR.

    My question is, do I have to uninstall every single app off the SD card before I HR? Won't they just be overwritten when I install them over again? This way settings will be saved, no? (for example, webis mail, games etc...)

    Thanks. I won't do a thing until I figure this out... thanks for your help.

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    For the most part, no, they won't be over-written. Take the SD Card out while performing the upgrade if you're worried.

    What will be lost are some of the icons in the user interface that point to those apps. As for settings (and data), it depends on where the app saves this info. If it's in it's own directory, no problem, but if it's in the registry or any directory on the main unit, it will be wiped.

    For the cleanest upgrade, I would just re-install the apps. Make a list of them from the device. Most of them you can just 're-check' in ActiveSync to put them back anyway. Yeah, the settings are a PITA, but it's worth it to have a stable upgrade, IMO.
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